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About Gokey

Handmade in the USA

The Gokey construction process is an incredible example of the bootmaker’s art – a rare thing in today’s mass-produced world. Our craftsmen expertly hand cut and hand sew this durable leather using techniques that date back generations—methods that take years to teach. We start by hand selecting the finest oil-tanned bullhide the world has to offer. This heavy, remarkably durable bullhide is molded over a hardwood last. Next, a welt is stitched to this so cunningly that no awl hole ever completely penetrates the shoe leather to admit water. An arch support is inserted, the outer sole hand-sewn into place, and the top constructed. Each stitch of waxed thread is knotted, locking it firmly in place. Keep in mind, this is done for every single individual shoe that leaves the factory. With durable Vibram® soles and modern comfort features such as cushioned leather insoles, Gokey footwear is built for comfort and a lifetime of wear.

Gokey Custom Footwear

The world’s best value. For the ultimate fit, nothing rivals handcrafted Gokey footwear custom-made to your specifications. What’s most remarkable about Gokey is that it is the only footwear company of its size to provide custom made oxfords, hiking shoes, Snakeproof Boots, or upland boots in various weights to fit your foot and your foot alone. Just as a fine tailor requires your own precise measurements for a fitted look and feel of a fine sport coat or silk shirt, Gokey will take your precise foot measurements to custom fit a shoe to your exact foot width, length and arch. Imagine, footwear that will last a lifetime or more, and has the comfort of one made solely to your own foot’s measurements. There is no other shoe company that offers this custom fit cobbling on such a wide scale.

Just call our customer service department at 660-433-5401 and ask for a custom fit kit to be mailed back direct to you, or better yet if you are in the Columbia Missouri area stop by our factory just a short drive off Interstate 70  to be personally measured by one of our master boot makers and tour the Gokey factory.