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Double Sole Moccasin

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($14.99 S&H applies on orders under $150.00)

(91 customer reviews)


  • 5-6 oz. pebble grain bull hide
  • 7-8 oz. matching bull hide sole
  • Built in cushion insole
  • 1.10 lbs per pair (average weight)
  • *Oil tanned leather is a natural product, color may vary from shoe image

Shipping Weight 1.75 lbs

Shipping Dimensions 14 × 8 × 5 in

Residents of California – Proposition 65 WARNING

Our adaption of the classic North American moccasin is more then your average slipper. Handcrafted from the sole up with rugged bull hide – the same leather used in our famous Botte Sauvage—these mocs will stand up to the rigors of outdoor use for years to come. The thick leather bottom is expertly hand lasted and then the plug (top) is hand stitched one lock stitch at a time to the foot.  Second layer of bull hide is double machine stitched to the bottom for rugged dual sole durability and form fitting comfort. These classic examples of true moccasin construction and styling form to the contours of your feet over time and just get better with age. Rolled leather collar and rawhide laces. These mocs also have a built in insole pad.

91 reviews for Double Sole Moccasin

  1. Matt R. (verified owner)

    This is the third pair I have owned in 40 years!! They are comfortable and durable .. and warrant the premium…

  2. MIchael O. (verified owner)

    The moccasins are very well made. Ordered the wrong size the first time, too big, and they sent me the correct size right away for the same price. Helped me choose the proper size too. Great customer service!

  3. Dave Carroll (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  4. John Schmidt (verified owner)

    I’m completely satisfied

  5. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Very well made. True to size and fit great a day or three first use break-in period. Loved the personally signed note card from the craftsman who made these. Please pass along my compliments.

  6. Steven M. (verified owner)

    My high expectations were met!

  7. Richard Bartlett (verified owner)

    Great pair of moccasins. Very comfortable to wear.

  8. Ronald Crete (verified owner)

    I’ve worn out two pairs of G-Mocs since the late 60’s, even a pair I had resoled at the St. Paul shop. I’ve missed then the past 25 years and thought I’d enjoy re-contacting the earth via G-Mocs. I do feel they are a lesser quality leather; lighter weight, yet construction and feel on my feet is real as ever. I no longer live in Minnesota, but my G-Mocs are a homecoming and at 75 they will walk to the hereafter with me. Thank you.

  9. KRAIG (verified owner)

    Love them so far!

  10. Trey W. (verified owner)

    Bought these to replace a pair of Cabela’s moccasins lost in a cabin fire. Obviously no comparison in the quality between the two (that’s really an unfair comparison!) As these Gokey’s just blow everything else away. Snug & slightly narrow fit but after 2-3 wears they have molded perfectly to my foot.

  11. Ricky R. (verified owner)

    Great quality shoe that delivered quickly. I typically wear a size 10 or 11 and I ordered an 11 and it was a whole size too large, so I’ll be returning for the proper size.

  12. George Holder (verified owner)

    Excellent stitching and beautiful design. They are molding well to my feet and surprisingly warm.

  13. John (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding! It’s not too often that I am so impressed with the quality and comfort of merchandise. They fit perfectly right out of the box. I highly recommend Gokey for anyone looking for top quality footwear. The customer service is also outstanding. My shoe size is 10 1/2 EE or 11 EE, depending on the last. I ordered 11’s but they were slightly too long. I returned them to Gokey for 10 1/2’s. Customer service was excellent and they sent the replacements within just a few days. I couldn’t be more impressed with the moccasins or the company.

  14. Michael R. (verified owner)

    Best house shoes ever

  15. Anthony (verified owner)

    Bought my first pair of these in the late 1970’s, my favorite moccasins, still have them, but lots of wear on the soles, decided to splurge on a new pair. I am not disappointed, they are comfortable right out of the box.

  16. Mary Pizzo (verified owner)

    The quality of the product is fantastic, but I needed to exchange it for a larger size. Once I wear the moccasins I can get more information about my satisfaction.

  17. Todd W Lund (verified owner)

    My previous Gokey moccasins have been re-soled and finally wore out after 15 years. I’m happy I could simply replace them with new ones!

  18. Ronald S. (verified owner)

    Quality construction, excellent materials, right on size. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  19. James Brady (verified owner)

    Great shoe. My first pair are 12 years old.

  20. Sean O’NEIL (verified owner)

    Beautifully made! Very comfortable fit! Fast service/shipping! Thank you!

  21. James (verified owner)

    The Double Sole Moccasin is comfortable right out of the box. I appreciate the pure “North American” design, the high quality leathers, and the world-class craftsmanship. Handmade in the USA, I’m loving my Gokeys! Great value for the price paid.

  22. Sale Erickson (verified owner)

    Build quality is excellent. Sizing is spot on.

  23. Cleve Fair (verified owner)

    Sarah was tremendously helpful !!

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Took a bit more wear in for the wides to stretch to my extra wide feet, but they got there and are great!

  25. Richard (verified owner)

    The moccasins are great. Fit is perfect. Very well made!

  26. Dan W. (verified owner)

    Wonderful fit. I still have two other pairs at 20 and 30 years old. Still in great shape and always comfortable.

  27. Debra T. (verified owner)

    Bought these as a gift for my husband who wanted real leather moccasins. The craftsmanship and detail given to the moccasins was impressive along with the comfort of the shoe. So glad I discovered Gokey for future purchases.

  28. Robert G. (verified owner)

    Purchased a pair of Gokey double sole moccasin’s to replace the ones that I have used for more than 20 years. These look and feel great. I hope to get 20 more years of wear from my new pair.

  29. Robert H. (verified owner)

    The materials and workmanship are superb. I sent in a question and had it answered essentially from the factory floor. I do miss the days of sending in traced foot outlines. I normally take an A or B width, so the modern world of more limited widths does not completely satisfy me.

    My father had a pair of what now are called The Sauvage Hiker in the 60’s. I conned him into turning them over to my use while our foot sizes matched up. Happy memory from a long time ago. Still contemplating The Botte Sauvage. Bit of a bucket list item. I note that ‘snakeproof’ is now ‘impenetrable’.

  30. Mike (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, very comfortable, and should last decades!

  31. Kimberly (verified owner)

    Too comfortable right out of the box. One of the finest natural sole Mocs out there

  32. Richard lefleur (verified owner)

    Beautifully made, sized correct. Good quality leather.

  33. George Petusky (verified owner)

    Supper high quality like everything else I’ve purchased from Gokey.

  34. Mark Cowan (verified owner)

    Perfect fit. Broken in. Comfortable.

  35. Frederick Stecker (verified owner)


  36. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Comfortable right out of the box, sole is very durable, excited for many years of wear!

  37. Jeffrey P. (verified owner)

    Top notch quality and comfort. Worth the money!

  38. Brad (verified owner)

    Awesome product!! Very satisfied with this purchase. Perfect fit, fast shipping, and exceptional quality. I plan to wear these moccasins as house shoes during the fall and winter months, so I expect them to last for decades.

  39. Shawn M. (verified owner)

    My only disappointment is that I’m 49 and haven’t been wearing these for years. I had them an hour before I went back and bought the moccasin boots too. Made in the USA and it shows. Thank you!

  40. Stephen Wietecki (verified owner)

    Had a pair for 15 years that were made by a former employee of Gokey here in Minnesota. Love the style and wear

  41. Don M. (verified owner)

    Perfect every time

  42. G JOSEPH HUDAK (verified owner)

    Excellent product, great communication and super service, plus FAST shipping. Highly recommend! Written by an old retired man who has been in Gokey boots and shoes for over six decades. Very pleased.

  43. DAVID BROWN (verified owner)

    This is my second pair of this shoe. The first pair are over 20 years old, and still going strong. Love the quality, style and fit. Bought this second pair to ensure I always have this great shoe. All my Gokeys are “top shelf”! Thanks Gokey!

  44. Paul G. (verified owner)

    Great product as always excellent response time on shipping and questions

  45. Dale F. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping; good fit; good workmanship; leather smells great

  46. Gregory (verified owner)

    Another great addition to my Gokey collection! Nice to have the option for high quality American made products that have not disappointed over several different purchases.

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am 77 years old. I received my first pair of Gokey moccasins, after some Gokey boots, at about age 20. I suspect I have been through seven pairs or so during my lifetime. Today’s moccasins are every bit as good as every other pair I have ever had. If you like to walk without heels they are as good as you can get. I certainly would recommend them to others.

  48. Daniel Steinhauer (verified owner)

    A wonderful product. I have wanted a pair of these for years. I have had Sauvage hikers in the past and hunted in snakeproof boots so I know the quality and traditions of the Gokey brand. Likewise I am a long time user of Boyt harness products so I am particularly happy with this new marriage of Boyt and Gokey. Boyt understands the market for Gokey products and likewise is able to market their products competitively. I love my new moccasins!!

  49. Gregory T

    Great mocs right out of the box. I could not be more pleased with them.

  50. Gary (verified owner)

    Prompt shipment, carefully packed. The moccasins fit great and are well built using top notch materials and craftsmanship. I am pleased with my purchase.

  51. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, very comfortable & and fully met my expectations

  52. John Winkhaus (verified owner)

    Obviously, Boyt has acquired Gokey from the Orvis business empire. Most importantly, you will keep the tradition and noteworthy quality standards we all have shared for decades. F.Y.I. I own a number of Boyt software items (gun cases, liquor caddies) and they all represent “well made in America.” I expect nothing less with your recent acquisition of the Gokey line of products. Congratulations!

  53. Winkhaus John T. III

    Glad to know that Gokey moccasins are still well made after decades in production. I highly recommend them to all that love the comfort of moccasins.

  54. Pamela B. (verified owner)

    These are the best moccasins I have ever owned. They are very comfortable. I love wearing them and my feet are happy when I do. Worth the price. They will last me for years.

  55. Doug N. (verified owner)

    Fit well. Look like pics, kinda. Not as shiny but not bad

  56. Al A. (verified owner)

    After over 20 years of (almost) daily use I finally had to replace my mocs. I’m glad to see the same quality as the last pair and am looking forward to another 20.

  57. Timothy (verified owner)

    Great quality and service.

  58. G JOSEPH (verified owner)

    A promo code was missed and I reported it to Gokey Customer Service and a 20% credit on my next purchase was sent to me. Great products and super service. Thank you for all the consideration!

  59. Al A. (verified owner)

    I’m not sure what went wrong here, I had to order a second pair. Although the others were worn daily they were were only 20+ years old.

  60. Dennis H. (verified owner)


  61. marc anderson (verified owner)

    These are great mocacasins.. However, the leather lace often is easily untied! What can one do about this!

  62. Harold J. (verified owner)

    Excellent fit and quality. Very comfortable. Definitely a do over!

  63. Alan (verified owner)

    First my new moccasins are fantastic
    Secondly friendly service was great
    I knew just when to expect delivery.
    I can’t wait to order loafers

  64. Ernie (verified owner)

    These moccasins were an impulse purchase after receiving a pair of Bison Leather Camp Moccasins and being so delighted with them. The Double Sole Moccasins are so lightweight and soft, they are almost like being barefooted but better!

  65. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Well constructed. Very comfortable. Received when informed after placing order.

  66. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Order handling and product quality was excellent. Well done.

  67. John C. (verified owner)

    Superb as usual

  68. Mark W. (verified owner)

    2nd pair….in 20 years! 1st pair being sent back in for refurbishment. The stitching on the old pair needs some work. And they need new outer souls, because sometimes I walk in the rocks around my home.
    The new pair is identical to the older pair in every respect. In all these years, there have been no compromises in quality. Very satisfying!

  69. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These are well made moccasins, comfortable out of the box and will have a long life based on the quality construction and material.

  70. Dan C. (verified owner)

    I’ve been wearing Gokey Moccasins for 35+ years. I like the unlined moccasin structure because I don’t develop callouses from wearing them.
    Like everything the cost has increased since my first pair. This time I looked at other alternative hand sewn double sole Mocs before placing the order. I found nothing comparable to fit my needs.
    Thank you Gokey!

  71. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Extremely comfortable and high quality. Time to get my wife some.

  72. Steven H. (verified owner)

    After this, my first purchase, I have no hesitation about future purchases. Well crafted product! Good job, Gokey!

  73. Frederick Lowman (verified owner)

    Very well built, should last a long time!

  74. richard (verified owner)

    Well done!

  75. Martin B. (verified owner)

    These are exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve spent years trying to find a hand made traditional moccasin. These are great in every way.

  76. Joseph P. (verified owner)

    Total 5 star experience from Gokey. I have the original snake boots that have patinaed beautifully and was looking for a pair of shoes to replace my driving loafers. These fit the bill! Out of the box the leather looks a tad “wet” as my girlfriend described, but have I faith that they will become broken in and beautiful just like my snake boots. Hoping to own these for a lifetime!

  77. Mark (verified owner)

    The mocassins are great. Very high quality as I expected based on my experience with the Oxford and Boat Shoe. Received the very next day which was a surprise. I like the fact that you can still purchase high-quality footwear made in the USA. I have also used your restoration services in the past on shoes that I bought from you and they came back looking like new. These are shoes that have a timeless styling, will last a long long time and are very comfortable.

  78. Clarence B. (verified owner)

    Great look, price, workmanship and a perfect fit!

  79. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Ordered a half size down and they are perfect!

  80. Samuel L. (verified owner)

    Great fit and beautiful finish. Feel like gloves for the feet right out of the box. The Cadillac of moccasins!

  81. Anonymous (verified owner)

    very high quality

  82. Dori Sullivan (verified owner)


  83. William R. (verified owner)

    great shoe, made me want to look into the custom fit option

  84. Mark U. (verified owner)

    My moccasins were shipped quickly. Their fit is perfect and comfortable. I won’t hesitate to recommend them.

  85. James Kelley (verified owner)

    To tell you how much I like the moccasins, I bought this pair for my son.
    These are the best made mocs I have ever owned.

  86. James Kelley (verified owner)

    Really like the moccasins – exactly what I wanted – hoped to receive. These are the real deal – USA Made and it shows. Nice greeting – appreciation card from the maker!

  87. Dean K.

    I had two pair of these when I was in my teens… Purchased at the Gokey store in St. Paul, MN. I am in my 60’s now. Just received my third pair… what a wonderful fit and feeling! Just like I remembered! Great product Gokey!

  88. Donald Olsen (verified owner)

    The moccasin if great. You were slow with shipping information. That information arrived shortly before the package. In any case, I love you footwear.

  89. Robert (verified owner)


  90. Robert (verified owner)

    The moccasins look great, but I haven’t worn them yet.

  91. Douglas R. (verified owner)

    Great fit. Just what I expected from Gokey.

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