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SX200 Mid-Weight Uplander Socks

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($14.99 S&H applies on orders under $150.00)

(19 customer reviews)


  • 34% Mohair, 34% Merino Wool, 5% Bamboo, 27% Polyamide fiber blend
  • Moisture wicking fibers absorb 32% of body moisture without feeling wet
  • Highly breathable
  • Reduces chaffing and blisters
  • Anti-bacterial and deodorizing
  • Structured fit is ideal for more physically demanding activity
  • Color: Olive
  • Sizes: Small(6-8.5), Medium(9-11.5), Large(12-14.5)
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Residents of California – Proposition 65 WARNING

Some things are just naturally meant to go together which is why offering an assortment of premium quality socks to complement our legendary footwear needed to wait no longer.  Gokey socks come in a variety of weight, length, size and color options that are blended with a combination of Mohair, Merino wool, Bamboo fiber and Polyamide nylon to provide a great option for any climate and activity.  This unique blend of fibers provides a resistance to heat, abrasion and fatigue that set them apart from most sock brands.  The features of this material composition include a moisture wicking, antifungal, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, hydroscopic, non-flammable sock with a softer than cotton feel for unmatched comfortability that your feet will thank you for at the end of the day.

19 reviews for SX200 Mid-Weight Uplander Socks

  1. Eileen (verified owner)

    Great socks!

  2. Dean W. (verified owner)

    Very thick sock. Ensure plenty room in your boot.

  3. Stephen (verified owner)

    These socks were a perfect fit and will be wonderful mid-weight socks for hiking and hunting.

  4. Gary D. (verified owner)

    These were the first socks I ordered from Gokey and I was so impressed I ended up ordering 6 more pairs of lighter and heavier weights. They are very comfortable without liners and don’t feel wet as some others do. Great socks.

  5. ryland cooder (verified owner)

    everything i’ve gotten from Gokey is the best! the shoes, the boots! i give Gokey for presents, the friends go wild. Get Gokey!

  6. Timothy Glasscock (verified owner)


  7. Adam (verified owner)

    super comfortable

  8. Chuck Schneider (verified owner)


  9. James H. (verified owner)

    Great socks, very warm. Would and will buy again

  10. William (verified owner)

    Super comfortable and warm sock

  11. Warren T. (verified owner)

    Great quality

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The highest quality socks and a perfect match for Gokey boots.

  13. Larry (verified owner)

    Joy to wear.

  14. Heath Allegood (verified owner)

    Very Good.

  15. William P. (verified owner)

    Met all my expectations.

  16. Glenn H. (verified owner)

    Very comfortable.

  17. Rickye L. (verified owner)

    Very comfortable

  18. Rickye Lennon (verified owner)

    Mohair is a fantastic fiber. It is breathable, warm or cool (as needed) and fire resistant. I am so excited to find a sock with mohair as a part of the blend of fiber and fabric. A friend in Rocksprings, Tx used to spin mohair and make socks for me. They were so comfortable and I was so excited to find Gokey was was making socks with mohair as a part of the blend. The Gokey socks are even better than the ones my friend used to spin, thicker, very comfortable and extremely breathable. I am ordering more.

  19. Joe W. (verified owner)

    Same thing here. Exactly at shown on the web site.

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